Saturday, 10 March 2012

In The Frame

I've just been to view my two new frames at the Trumpington Gallery to see how they are coming along. As Ted Coney's Family Portraits is open from 15th April I needed to put a bit of pressure on, as Jonathan, lovely as he is, can sometimes take several years to finish a frame, never mind several weeks. I know he does work for the Queen now (though I knew him before he was famous) I still need to know they are nearly ready. The good news is that the frame for my latest  painting 'Dear Reginald Owen' is finished but needs colouring. Rita, who is in charge of that department and I both agreed it should be sepia tones to match the old Hollywood feel, though maybe with a hint of gold showing through. The other painting 'My Dolls House' which was last framed over thirty years ago, looked less finished, though we did agree that the frame should be charcoal in colour. But we shall see, as Jonathan often sirprises me at the last minute.

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