Friday, 16 March 2012

A Work In Progress

The other week, I finally started my new picture  'Another Year'. After drawing the large circles, I stained parts of the canvas with the colours I hope will glow through and began to paint on top. So far I have been doing the left hand side which shows the light on the  stone walls gradually fading. After several sessions, I think I have got it working OK - it will do for the moment and I will return to it later. I like to get all parts of the painting working together so I can keep reassessing what needs to be done next.
This time I am taking photographs of the painting at the end of each session, so that visitors to my website will be able to see the work as it progresses. This should go onto my News and Reviews page, once I reopen Ted Coney's Family Portraits on 15th April. I will let you know when it goes live.   

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