Friday, 30 March 2012

Bit Of A Dilemma

I woke up with the niggling feeling that although I had inspected and approved the colour of the backing to the frame of my painting 'Dear Reginold Owen', maybe I was wrong. I had only seen it through a layer of bubble wrap, but it seemed too light to me and anyway, I was sure I had asked for it to be a sepia colour. I knew it would be to late, if I mentioned it when Jonathan brought it round, so decided to tackle the problem head on. I rang Trumpington Gallery and explained my dilemma. Nothing is to much trouble for the wonderful staff there and back came the reply that ofcourse it could be changed. Good thing it was, because what no one had realised (including me) was that one of the canvases had been put on upside down! As promised, Jonathan arrived with it last night, ahead of Simon arriving,  to put  the new pictures and photographs up on Saturday. Well, I now think it looks stunning - see what you think when you next visit Ted Coney's Family Portraits

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