Monday, 26 March 2012

Photographs Galore!

For Christmas, I bought Hazel and I a digitol photo frame so we can see lots of pictures of the family more or less continously. I have this in the hallway, so visitors to Ted Coney's Family Portraits can share in this pleasure as they are preparing to take their tour. It is all part of the sheer bombardment of  photographic images (including the film) of the family before going on to view the paintings. As visitors will know, the walls  of the hall are crammed with photos except for one space which has a framed poster. (and even this has family portraits on it) Well, now I have another home for this (on the back of the door), so before I open in April, my mission is to fill up this space as well. For my birthday today (yes, Happy Birthday!) I asked for and received,  four more frames to fill up this last little space. All photographs from now on will have to be digitol.

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