Friday, 14 June 2013

Date With The Dean

Readers of my blog may remember that I was a bit disappointed  the Dean had never replied to my letter concerning my painting 'Another Year', which uses Ely Cathedral as it's central image. In the letter, I had offered to donate my commission from the sales of prints of the painting to the Cathedral in exchange for displaying the work in situ. I had hoped he would look at the painting when it was on display in the Cathedral a few months ago but somehow he missed it.
I contacted one of the organisers of the Business Exhibition which I had been involved with in the Cathedral (I never give up!) as I felt just a reply would have been good manners.  Hey presto! she sent my Email directly to the Dean and a few days later I got a very apologetic reply and an invitation to go and meet him. He turned out to be a very nice bloke and we had a bit of a chat. I enjoyed going inside the Deanery (is that what you call it?) and he works in a brilliant office space with high ceilings.
Will he take my painting? Well, he still hasn't seen it yet but somehow I don't think it will be worth all the hassle. It's part of my Ted Coney's Family Portraits tours now and ofcourse they already have one painting of Ely Cathedral that visitors can buy prints of, which is where I got the idea from in the first place. Anyway, it was very nice to meet the Dean, and who knows, he might come on one of my tours in the future. (I gave him a flyer)

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