Friday, 28 June 2013

Messing About By The River

Last week we launched our booklet to promote 'A Riverside Experience' in the press, by having our photo taken by the river. Somehow I managed to be in the forefront of the picture, but that was the fault of the photographer. I say 'We', and by that I mean Ted Coney's Family Portraits and all the other attractions  such as The Babylon Gallery, Waterside Antiques, Peacocks Tearooms, Liberty Belle boat, Jubilee Gardens and the Cutter Inn. The idea is that these booklets will be given to tour operators, so that coach parties will be encouraged to come down to the river and spend an afternoon between the attractions. As Ely Cathedral had 150 coach parties last week over four days for the Flower Festival, we are a little optimistic. You can see the booklet on a link from the GROUP VISITS page of my website and you will shortly be able to see the press stories from both the Ely and Cambridge News on the NEWS AND REVIEWS page of my website.
I was amused to note that when Hazel and I went to read local news for a charity for the blind (which is sent out weekly) the other evening,  neither of my stories had been selected
 (the other story  this week, is advertising my painting demonstration at Tindalls shop, tomorrow). 

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