Friday, 5 July 2013

Demo On The Square

Last Saturday, I did my day long demonstration of oil painting at Tindalls, which is an art shop on Ely's Market Square. I set up my two new canvases, which make up my current painting 'If The Boats Come ' on easels and displayed all my preliminary studies and other source material on a table in front of me. My plan was to work on the calm water first and the rough seas later. Painting the calm water went relatively smoothly (forgive the pun) as I was just laying in very transparent colour. I had felt pretty confident that the rough sea bit would go well, as I had done some practise beforehand. However, halfway through I suddenly realised it looked a mess and had to spend the rest of the time fighting to get it back into some reasonable state. The only good thing was that maybe, visitors realised that painting is more than someone demonstrating a clever technique. I talked to about 20 people over the day about oil painting, the ideas behind my work AND Ted Coney's Family Portraits if they seemed really interested. You should be able to see me wrestling the painting from the brink in a short video on my website, when Daniel returns from America, next week.

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