Thursday, 11 July 2013

Morris- Dancing

Last weekend I went round and round the Maltings roundabout for charity. Readers of my blog will know that I will do anything (well almost!) to promote Ted Coney's Family Portraits but I also made about £50 for local charities. I took my 1931 Morris Minor to Aquafest and gave people rides for a donation and even had a lady with a red flag leading the way. Ofcourse the Morris is the star attraction when visitors come to my gallery, as it appears in many of the paintings.  I have made work using the car for every decade so far, from it's 50th birthday to it's 80th and I even have a vague idea for the 90th in eight years time. But more on that, a bit closer to the event.
As I hadn't driven the car for a while, I took my old friend Joe, for a ride in it to Littleport, which is about three miles away, as a practise. Joe used to travel in the Morris some 50 years ago when we were students. Only this time, he felt car sick and I had to stop because my leg had gone to sleep.

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