Sunday, 28 July 2013

All At Sea

We've been on holiday to the seaside this week  and of course, I took my sketching gear with me. The sun was hot and the sea was blue (we were only on the Margate - Hastings coastline) and I decided to stand in the sea and make some direct observation studies of waves crashing against the shoreline. This was to inform my latest painting 'When The Boats Come In'. Unfortunately, it was very windy (not everything can be perfect) and some leaflets I had stowed away in my sketchbook blew into the sea. Previously we had visited the new Turner Contemporary gallery in Margate, so maybe I had been inspired by Turner, who was lashed to the mast so that he could paint and experience rough seas.
During our meander along the shoreline afterwards, we ventured across a slightly rocky part and Hazel lost her footing. She keeled over and the towel and camera fell  into the water and my hat blew into the sea as I tried to steady her. Everything dried out eventually though.

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