Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Under The Hammer

I donated one of my preliminary studies to an auction last Saturday, to help raise money, so that young, aspiring artists might have their first exhibition one day. Well, I'm not young but am still a very aspiring artist, so it seemed a worthy cause to support. Christine from the Babylon Gallery came and chose a tiny canvas which I had used to prepare for my painting 'Tea For 222', which is painted in oils and encaustic wax. The study I  made, shows part of the enigma machine, which my cousin was reputed to have been involved in, when she worked at Bletchley Park during the second world war. This was overlaid with the constituents of afternoon tea, which is meant to represent her in   gracious old age, giving no hint to her former exploits. The painting raised a few pounds for the fund, which was good to know. Before my head was allowed to get too big, I also noted that the print of my Morris Minor, from a drawing by me and  donated by Nigel, failed to make the reserve price and won't be going anywhere. I need to keep aspiring, obviously.

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