Wednesday, 14 August 2013

A Real Puzzle

Last week I took two of my paintings to be framed by Jonathan. My latest one, 'Love That Dares' is now displayed on the ART LECTURE page of my website. We decided that a distressed silver frame would suit it best. The other one is a bit of a dilemma. It's the last of the archive paintings which had not been framed by Jonathan and I have been trying to get these earlier ones up to the same professional standard, as and when I can afford it. The painting, '30 Days' charts the month's holiday we had in Sheringham in 1983. It is painted on wood and comprises of thirty jigsaw pieces, each one representing a different day of the holiday. The wooden pieces were cut and shaped by my father, Arthur especially for the project. I had originally mounted them on a piece of grey plastic, because at the time, I  wanted to contrast the softness of the wood with the hard, industrial feel of  plastic. The configuration of the pieces shows a break at the golden section point in the picture, with one piece sticking out at a less formal angle. I wanted to get a bit of drama into the arrangement to represent the fact that Hazel dislocated her knee a quarter through the holiday and ended up in a wheelchair for several weeks. Jonathan hated the plastic background (and so do I, now) and is currently, carefully removing each piece. My decision is, do I put the pieces back in the same configuration or do I rearrange them to reflect the point at which the drama really happened in the holiday?

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