Saturday, 10 August 2013

Up Side Down Sketchbooks

I've just started some tentative experiments for my next painting 'The Rashomon Effect' which involves looking at the same incident in my grandmother's past  from different points of view. While on holiday in Kent I started drawing the view in my sketchbook using the magnifying glass that Max bought me for my birthday. I noticed that if you hold it a distance from you, the image in the glass becomes upside down. This has the effect of appearing to abstract part of the image. I thought this could represent me in my new painting, as a good symbol of how I was at 20 years old, looking at the world in an 'all over the place' sort of way.
Talking of being young, I have also been helping to look after our grandchildren Barnaby (5 years) and Poppy(2years), this week. Every morning I got them to work in their sketchbooks (yes, they did want to!) and they  drew and painted, using lots of materials. They worked upside down and from back to front in an unrestrained way, confirming how fresh and straight forward, children's art can be.

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