Friday, 6 September 2013

The St. Albans Connection

I sold one of my prints. My nephew, Andrew purchased a copy of my 'Snow Angels and No Angels' paintings, which was dedicated to his mother, Christine. These are a series of fifteen pictures which were inspired by the journey made by the body of Queen Eleanor of Castile in 1290 from Harby in Lincolnshire, where she died, to Westminster Abbey. Her grieving husband, Edward 1 had crosses erected at each of the stopping points on her two week journey. I made the same journey by bicycle in 2007 and dedicated the subsequent paintings to fifteen (rather than one!) female members of my family.
Eleanor's body passed through St. Albans and although the cross has long gone, there is now a plaque to mark the event. As Christine, whom I remember as a much loved sister-in -law lived in St. Albans, it was only natural that I should choose her to represent this stopping point.
You can see this print (and others) if you go to the link from my website on the PRINTS FOR SALE page to the UKPHOTOGALLERY, who produce the prints for me.

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