Saturday, 5 October 2013

Different Ways Of Seeing

Have started to do some research for my next painting 'The Rashomon Effect'.
 Tony came the other day to take some photographs inside the dolls house for me. He brought his  micro lens, so he could take close ups of various objects with a very sharp  focus. Looking on the computer later, he was also able to show how he could do special effects using Photoshop, such as blurring the image and distorting it in other ways.
  I will need to consider all this clever stuff when deciding how to portray the five different  human viewpoints, which appear to be looking at the same image inside the house. For instance, my grandmother's view will be very fuzzy indeed, while my mother's will be much more clear headed.
Over the next few months, I still intend to do some good old fashioned drawing as well, using my new magnifying glass.

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