Saturday, 18 January 2014

Last Minute Dash

I thought I had finished my painting ' If The Boats Come In ' about six weeks ago and it was due to be taken to Jonathan's for framing this week. However, the night before, looking at it side ways  in the semi-darkness of the hallway, I realised it needed a few more dashes of white paint on the boating pond section.
 I always find it very difficult to decide when a picture is finished, but it went as planned, anyway, as I needed it framed in time for my exhibition in March.
You can see the completed picture on the OPENING TIMES 2014 page of my website and ofcourse you will be able to see the real thing in my Retrospective at the Babylon Gallery (more details on the NEWS AND REVIEWS page of my website)
When discussing the frame (more difficult choices) we decided to pick out the darkest parts of the rough sea for the overall colour. I hope I like it!

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