Friday, 24 January 2014

Stuck On The Edge

Last week I did my lecture, 'On The Edge' , to a group of people in Little Downham. I think it went well, as they asked lots of questions at the end, particularly about a painting they never actually saw.
 To have them gasping for more (that's the idea, anyway) I showed them the beginnings of  ' Diamond Sutra', a painting which all started with an 800 mile cycle ride to  Scotland to celebrate being 60 years old. I told them about how my mission to collect sixty objects on the journey to be used  in the painting and the puzzle behind the image of three rabbits I discovered in a country church in Lincolnshire, with the inscription CONEY 1640AD.
I am always very nervous about  technology when doing these talks. I always dread setting up the laptop, digital projector and sound system, in case they doesn't work. Infact, the only thing I had a problem with, was the zip on the suitcase I keep the sound system in. I wrestled with it for several anxious minutes until a kind lady came to my rescue and calmly sorted it out. 

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