Friday, 14 February 2014

A Gleaming White Canvas

I think I'm ready to start my new painting, 'The Rashamon Effect'. This is about my grandmother meeting up with a former fiancée some sixty years after they had both married different partners.
Having produced four small canvases to work out how I am going to paint the four different viewpoints, I feel fairly confident, I know what I am doing. I want to paint the various sequences in either soft or hard focus.
My mother's view of the kitchen will be in very sharp focus and I will be mixing in a very cold blue with the blacks and white tones.
My Grandmother's view is through her magnifying glass (on a gold chain) and will probably be tunnel vision and out of focus. She will be looking into the bathroom, which again will be painted in cool colours.
Her former fiancées view will be in warm shades, out of focus and upside down. He will be looking into the bedroom (ofcourse!)
My viewpoint (as a twenty year old youth) into the dining room, is distorted by a brightly coloured kaleidoscope lens.
As the proportions of the painting are fairly normal I have treated myself to buying a canvas rather than trying to stretch one, as I normally do.. So my gleaming white canvas awaits.  

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