Friday, 28 February 2014

Virtually A Tour

 Andrew suggested that I had a virtual tour quite a while ago, which the public could pay for, via the website.
 I think the time is now right to organise this, as I was waiting to include my current painting
'The Rachamon Effect' to get to an 'interesting' stage before it could be  part of the film.
The theme for the new tour is ' Simultaneity' and will comprise of three pictures including a work in progress. This, I hope will make the tour more interesting and show me working in the studio.
I contacted Colin, who made the introductory film which is shown when people visit my pop-up gallery and he came over to discuss the project.
Daniel, who manages my website, confirmed that he can build in the payment element, so we are going to start filming June. Before then I've got to write the script - and probably get a haircut.
In the future ofcourse, Ted Coney's Family Portraits could become completely virtual ?!

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