Friday, 7 March 2014

A Shy English Artist

Fifty years ago, I was described in a newspaper as 'A shy English artist', while painting a mural for a youth hostel in Holland. Well, that was because I didn't speak Dutch, but was reminded of it this week when I spoke to Caroline and Christine at the Babylon Gallery.
 I told them I hoped not to do any stewarding at the gallery while my exhibition was on, as I didn't want to witness visitors coming in for two minutes and then walking out again. They both admonished me for being so sensitive and told me to live in the real world!
Talking of the real world, arrangements for the exhibition are gathering a pace.
 Jonathan arrive with my newly framed picture 'Love That Dares' the other evening, only to be told that he had put the canvases in, the wrong way around (it arrived again the next day, correctly framed)
Seventeen of my paintings were collected the other afternoon and  I nervously wait to see how they look in the gallery. I must say, the house looks rather bare.

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