Thursday, 27 March 2014

Age Old Problem

The other Sunday, I appeared live on a local radio programme to publicise my Retrospective exhibition at the Babylon Gallery and the return of Ted Coney's Family Portraits in early May. It was a sort of Dessert Island Discs format with me talking about different bits of music which had been significant in my life. This was all fine, as I had sent my requests in earlier and knew what questions to expect.
It was to my horror then, that the interviewer suddenly asked me what music I didn't like. I am one of those people (maybe it's my age, having turned seventy yesterday) who instantly forgets what I don't like - wasted information, as there is only so much my brain can hold.
However, I knew I had to say something as the show was live, remember. I suddenly thought about the Monkees who were a sort of American manufactured pop group of the 1970s (I think). I said I didn't like their music as it always seemed a pale shadow of the Beatles (whose music I had just had played). This may be true, but I couldn't remember a thing about Monkees music anyway, but the real reason for saying it was because of my chance encounter with one of them.
When I was teaching at Hills Road Sixth Form College, one of the students had an American father called Micky Dolenz. He was one of the Monkees many years before and I  showed him around the Art Department while he was over, visiting his daughter. Infact I  surprised him by being reminded  that I had seen his younger self in the series of adventure films on 1950s TV, entitled 'Circus Boy'.
 I do remember some things.
 You can hear the radio programme on the NEWS AND REVIEWS page of my website and it's the latest one in the RADIO section. Happy listening.

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