Thursday, 20 March 2014

Technology Be Damned!

It was the very last thing to get ready for my exhibition. I took  the film which introduces my work, along to the Babylon Gallery for them to set up a device to play it on. Although I just shove it into a TV  and it plays on a loop here, ofcourse it wouldn't do this in the gallery!
Frantic phone calls to Colen, who originally made the DVD, meant that he had to make a new version overnight and was duly delivered early the next morning.
I am so bad at anything technical, that I couldn't even switch  the computer on, never mind get the film playing. Thanks to  wonderful volunteers, Rebecca and David, they managed to get it all working just as the first visitors arrived.
Over the weekend 250 visitors came to see the show and £250 worth of preliminary sketches were sold, so not a bad beginning , after all.
Needless to say, you can see the film (in four suites), by clicking on the You Tube symbol on any page on my website,  but I hope you'll come to the exhibition and see the real thing.

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