Sunday, 10 August 2014

Chips Off The Old Block

We have just had a wonderful holiday in France, staying with our family.
Many of the best moments  were with the grandchildren.
There was the morning spent sitting side by side with Poppy (aged three), each of us doing a painting in our sketchbooks, of the old farmhouse we were staying in. Poppy was sharing my watercolour set and was reminded to wash her brush every time she needed a new colour, which she solemnly did.
The other was with Barnaby (aged six) looking around an art gallery.  I showed him some Renaissance paintings and the artist's use of gold leaf to bring out the religious nature of the work. I reminded Barnaby that I had used gold leaf to represent him in a more abstract painting (entitled 'Minglelands' ) about his parents marriage. He then questioned me closely about what gold leaf was and how to use it.
'Like working with butterflies wings' seemed to satisfy him.

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