Thursday, 21 August 2014

Did The Boats Come In?

When I made my painting 'If The Boats Come' (you can see it on my website) I used the model boats we always sail at Sheringham every year, as a metaphor for returning members of the family.
Since some of the boats in the painting are represented as knitted and beginning to unravel (or are they been drawn in?) the work attempts to raise  questions about family ties, and how strong they might be.
The attendance at the get together was disappointing compared to other years, when nearly thirty family members had come for the weekend. However, there had been a good turnout at Magnus's wedding at Christmas and my 70th birthday brought  twenty six of us together. Another group of the family  had lunch in France earlier this month and some will be meeting up again for Emily's birthday in a few weeks time.
 Leo (from New Zealand), Max and Ben did ring us up while we were in Sheringham, to see if we were coping without them  - and yes, we still sailed the boats.

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