Thursday, 23 October 2014

Thats It Folks!

The other week we visited the galleries at Compton Verney to see the British Folk Art  exhibition and very interesting it was too.
I particularly liked the Bellamy Quilt of 1890, which was made by a newly engaged couple  to portray their shared interests and images of the period. These included Queen Victoria and Aly Sloper, a popular strip cartoon character of the time.
I like the idea of using cartoon characters in my paintings also, but perhaps in a more subtle way. I am using the cinema  (though they also appeared in comics) characters, Laurel and Hardy in my next painting 'Against The Light '. They will represent two cousins of my mother's, who were young men in about the same period.
As Laurel and Hardy are going to appear as shadows in my work, I have been busy cutting into black card and  making them as   articulated puppets, so I can change their positions. I am also making a translucent set and will decide which to use, once I have produced some preliminary studies. Watch this space.

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