Thursday, 30 October 2014

One Last Look

I've been working on my current painting 'The Rashomon Effect' quite a bit recently. I have been concentrating on the two right hand side images more, particularly the magnifying glasses.
You can see my efforts on my Ted Coney's Family Portraits website on the NEWS AND REVIEWS page, where Daniel has posted the latest pictures of my progress.
Is it finished? Probably not, so I shall continue to fiddle around with it until Christmas.
I know I want to redo the background, so it is perfectly flat and I still want to try and get more 'tremor ' into the upside down bed - the old man's view.
As I'll be closing the gallery for the winter in early December I'll hopefully entice one of the local newspapers to run a story on it, to bring in a few more visitors before the end of the season.

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