Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas Postponed

The Christmas tree had to be hidden in the garden, the cards taken down and presents stashed away upstairs.
The reason ? I had a photographer arriving, to take pictures of the house and gallery for a possible feature in the Cambridge magazine or newspaper in February.
He did take over 90 pictures, so hopefully something will materialise as he  had a long list from the editor, of images she wanted. These included several pictures of me, desperately trying to keep my shoulders back and stomach in.
I was glad that I had hung Richard's aeroplane in the kitchen and put up the extra easel with a painting on in the dining room as these got photographed, too. I usually show the plane when I am describing the painting 'Airlines', which shows my brother making connections with his children through flight. The model is one he made several years before he died.
Once the photographer had departed, Christmas was reinstated with a vengeance, ready for the family to arrive.
Happy Christmas!

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