Monday, 15 December 2014

Muffin and Green Ice Cream

I did my last tour of the season for Ted Coney's Family Portraits, the other day. One of the group was an interesting woman whom I had previously met at a talk at the 'Silent Partners' exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum. When she heard I too had  a silent partner (Mr Turnip) I sometimes used in my paintings, she was intrigued and booked a tour.
However, when she came, she was more enraptured that I had used another T.V. character, Muffin the Mule in some of my paintings. She had fond memories of seeing him in the late 1940s,  about once a year on an old neighbour's television set.
 Bizarrely, the children were also given green ice cream while watching the programme and she had obviously never forgotten it.
(You can see how I used Muffin in 'David's Journey' in a link from the PRINTS FOR SALE page   and 'Love That Dares' at the bottom of the ART LECTURE page, on my website)

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