Friday, 12 December 2014

Your Family ?

A few weeks ago I did my lecture, 'On The Edge' to a group from the University of the Third Age.
I was assured  there would be four 'technical' members who would  help me set everything up and as they had their own sound system and projector, I only had to bring my laptop.
Luckily, I disregarded this advice and brought all my own stuff, as to begin with, they could make nothing work. The hall was filling up with people and I neither had sound or pictures - what was I going to do - sing?!
I quickly switched to my equipment, and with seconds to spare, it all began to work.
I think my talk, which is  about my paintings (you can see more details on the ART LECTURE page of my website), went well and I received quite a few complementary comments at the end.
The best one came from an old gentleman who said
 'I thought you were just showing pictures about your family, when half way through, I realised you were talking about my family as well'

Just the sort of comment I was looking for.

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