Sunday, 12 May 2013

Flexible Working

I did two different tours this weekend for Ted Coney's Family Portraits, and they weren't related in any way except that I didn't do them at my advertised times. Living up to my slogan of being a pop-up gallery, I opened on Friday afternoon for an ex colleague and her aunt and mother. I must have done OK because when I announced that their tour was at an end, it produced a slight ripple of applause. Or maybe it was just relief that it was all over.
A more challenging one for me was the tour I did on Sunday morning for a children's art club. I called the tour 'Detectives' and asked them to work out in groups, what some of the paintings were about. Of course each group had a grown up with them, but they were pretty good at sussing out  the main themes. They were very attentive and particularly enjoyed seeing Mr Turnip's eyes move. One little girl wrote 'cool and really fun' in my visitors book, which livened it up no end.

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