Monday, 20 May 2013

No Snow Angels

I have just been to a family christening in Madrid. The last time we went there for the christening of my great nephew, Andy, it never took place due to the harsh weather. We made it all the way from the UK but Andy didn't, because of the dangerous roads. We still went to look at the church where he was due to be baptised and saw little children making snow angels in the garden. I thought then, what a perfect symbol for the missing baby - a negative but beautiful shape with the snow taken away. Over the next year, an idea grew for a painting, with Andy being replaced as the snow angel by his mother, Blanca who finds it very difficult to attend family events because she is a nervous traveller - another negative action. Over the next few years I worked on my painting
 'Snow Angels and No Angels' with the ideas widening to celebrate fifteen female members of the family including Blanca. You can see this painting on the HOME and PRINTS FOR SALE pages  of my website.
And the weather in Spain this time? Well it didn't snow and was similar to here, cold with some rain.

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