Saturday, 13 September 2014

After The Black Square

With all the hype about the 'Matisse Cutouts' exhibition, I thought I had better go and see it before it closed.
What interested me most, were some of his semi abstract dance figures painted  for the Barnes mural. The way they disappeared off the edges of the composition is something I would like to achieve in my next painting 'Against the Light'. I am using the images of the 1930s comics, Laurel and Hardy to represent my mother's cousins, Billy and Dickie, but I want to suggest their shapes, rather than make them too obvious as characters.
I also found the other exhibition  on at Tate Modern, very useful. This was a retrospective of the Russian artist, Malevich, who painted the ultimate picture, the 'Black Square' painting.
However, after painting himself into a corner, as it were, he started to produce more figurative images again. These were highly stylised figures and the way he applied the paint might also be useful for the way I want to work.
So, all in all, a very useful, if exhausting day.


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