Saturday, 20 September 2014

Flying Green

It was suggested (though tactfully) that I was overacting a bit, during filming a sequence for my new virtual tour on the theme of 'Simultaneity'. I was trying to put a bit of action into the scene, where I appear, 'Tardis like' to be flying back in time to  Hollywood in my 1931 Morris Minor.
This was to help describe the ideas behind my painting 'Dear Reginald Owen', in which I am contrasting the  search for somewhere to live in 1930s America by a cousin of mine, with our discovery of a new location in this country.
To create the illusion that I was flying through space in the car, Colin (who is making the film) covered some of the windows with green paper, so that he can project moving images onto them, later.
You will be able to access the tour from my website eventually, but for now you might like to see a photo of me in action - just click on the Facebook icon, to the left of any page on
Ted Coney's Family Portraits.

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