Saturday, 27 August 2011

Get Bigger - Or Stay The Same?

Followers of my blog will know that I would dearly like to extend Ted Coney's Family Portraits either by buying part of the house next door or enlarging the garden, so we can put shepherds hut in it. However, my plans have been frustrated so far. The house next door has been 'Sold' for the second time for quite a few weeks now but to my amazement, the deal fell through again recently. Ofcourse, we couldn't afford or would want, the whole house, but I keep hoping I can pursuade the owners that we can buy the bottom half which is a separate flat. This time it is to be sold by auction (if not before) for a much lower price and I am trying to pursuade a neighbour to buy it with me. Hazel thinks it's a bad idea but I feel this is the time to be a bit reckless (but only a little bit) Watch this space.

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