Monday, 8 August 2011

Never Say Die

You will remember, I had been notified with the news that Ted Coney's Family Portraits had been short-listed for a business award. The next stage was for two judges to come and visit and report back on what they saw. I worked very hard getting everything ready as if for a tour (all the signs out etc.) so that they could get a flavour of what I was offering. I also showed them all my publicity material and examples of where the gallery had been mentioned in magazines, newspapers and other media since I opened in 2009. The younger chap asked the question 'Where do you think you will be in two years time? ' I nearly said 'Dead, probably' which would have been a bit flippant. So I spoke instead about my plans for expansion (sheperds hut at the very least) and my ideas for developing a DVD of tours upstairs for the disabled. Luckily, I had also roughed out a letter and notes to send to schools in September to introduce the idea of school visits to the house. This was all true but would it be enough to convince them that I should win the award?

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