Sunday, 28 August 2011

The Instructions Must Be Wrong

I was never very good with written instructions. I very soon believe they are totally unreadable and give up, or start making the thing in my own sweet way. However, I was determined to turn over a new leaf with my 'How to make Ely Cathedral ' book. This is a childs book after all and all I have to do is cut the shapes out, score on the dotted line and hey presto! I have a replica model of the building. Well, so far it hasn't quite turned out like that. I have lots of folded bits of card and even a turret but I think there is along way to go. And why am I doing this? Well, my next painting is going to be using lights falling across this Iconic shape (earlier blogs tell of my dawn and dusk drawings of the real thing) to represent new life and death and I thought the model would be useful to project lights onto. Thats if I ever get the wretched thing finished.

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